• The Sea of La Gomera

    The Sea of La Gomera is home to more than 20 cetacean species- a diversity that urgently needs protection. With this film we take you on a fantastic journey to La Gomera and its surrounding waters. At the same time we present the work of the awardwinning research and educational project MEER La Gomera.

    Writer/Director: Korina Gutsche
    Producer: MEER e.V., 2001
    Semifinalist beim Jack Ward Filmfestival Utah 2005

In progress

    the untold story of the blue whale

    The film shows for the first time a comprehensive picture of the previously known Bluewhale-Populationen on earth, their migration, unknown behavior, interactions with other whales and sensitively tells from multiple perspectives, how to watch the last blue giants face to face. A unique and magical film journey to spectacular places in the oceans of our planet. A Film to touch deeply our hearts.

    Writer: Korina Gutsche
    Scientific Consultant: MICS, Cascadia Research

  • Keeper of the land (AT)
    one with nature

    One epic jouney to original beauty and exceptional biodiversity on fare away location under extreme weather- and living conidtions to meet inigenes people which make a living in different oceans around the world.  This nature filmserie tells very emotional stories about very different people, discovers mythology, cultures, traditions and how they balance their close and deep respect for nature and survive.

    Writer: Korina Gutsche/ Producer: hoferichter & jacobs

  • Green Media Institut ART + FILM
    ...we make a difference

    A School of mindful Communication, Art and environmental Filmmaking to train young filmmakers to strenghten the global need for conservation during the process of filmmaking and use of new media tools. Worjshops, Filmcamps, Outdoor-Shooting and special events lead by awarded national and international wildlifefilmmaker and artist.

Production Manager/Pre-Production

  • “Sound of the Sea” by Volker Barth

    A two-part detective story of marine biologist Antonella Servidio. Together with her colleagues, she reveals the reasons behind increasing Walstrandings to military maneuvers. The German navy as well. From the NATO headquarters, it means that a connection has not been proven scientifically.

    Producer: Anthro Media Berlin in co-production with NDR / ARTE, 2007 and aired as  "story", WDR, 2011.

Projectmanager Marketing/Germany

  • Sandstorm by Michael Mahonen

    Honored worldwide at festivals, this compassionate film based on true situations and shows how the Chinese government is dealing with Falun Gong practitioners.               

    The story: because of a sandstorm, a policeman and his sick wife sitting at home, her daughter is not coming back from school, after days needed drugs and water are not available... in the isolation, fear of death arises, the man reflects his brutal torture methods.

  • The Day after Peace by Jeremy Gilley

    The film tells the extraordinary journey of British filmmaker Jeremy Gilley and his tireless commitment to the initiation of the World Day of Peace by the United Nations, the world's 21 September is celebrated with various activities since 2001. The film also shows the practical benefits of such a day, to save lives in war zones and the people there to allow at least one day of peace. The film celebrated its world premiere at Cannes in 2008, has been shown worldwide and won numerous awards.

    Producer: A Peace One Day production and BBC / Passion Pictures, 2008