»Once upon a time… the ocean was filled with whales.
They were big as the hills. They were as peaceful as the moon.«

– Dyan Sheldon




  • YUKON von Dirk Rohrbach
  • Sacred Economics
    by Charles Eisenstein
  • »Shooting in the wild«
    by Chris Palmer, Sierra Club Book 2010
  • »The world is BLUE«
    by Dr. Sylvia Earle
  • »Silent Spring«
    by Rachel Carson
  • »Walden«
    by Henry Thoreau
  • Peace is every step
    by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • A Buddist Response to the Climate Emergency

Initiativen & Persönlichkeiten-Ocean


  • All is lost by Robert Redford
  • Chasing ICE by Jeff Orlowski
  • Seeds of freedom
    Narrated by Jermey Iron, The film features global experts and activists and highlights how the loss indigenous seeds goes hand in hand with loss of biodiversity
  • Shift of the Ages
    A true and authentic story of the maya and 2012 and the turbulent times we live in.
  • »Der Ruf der Wale«
    Die wahre Geschichte von drei im Eis gefangenen Grauwalen, die im Oktober 1988 in einer gemeinsamen Aktion der US- und der Sowjetregierung gerettet wurden. Drew Barrymore spielt darin die Greenpeace-Aktivistin.
  • »Die Bucht«
    von Louis Psihoyos, Oscargewinner 2010
  • »March of the Penguins«
    (nur Originalversion!)
    von Luc Jaquet, Oscargewinner 2005
  • Aliens der Meere
    von James Cameron
  • »Planet Erde«
    von Alastar Fothergill/BBC
    von Alastar Fothergill/ BBC/ GreenlightMedia Berlin
  • »Grizzly Man«
    von Werner Herzog

Art & Sounds

Human Rights/ Peace/ Indiges/ Wilderness & Environment