Waves of my life

Born in the mid-'60s in a small wooden house in Colbitz, I spent my childhood, most of the time outside in the woods, loved the lush pastures behind my parents' house to run and I’m now aware of how much this outdoors-experience influenced my life.

In the 80's I lived in town and for the first time i felt the icy cold Berlin Wall. As a life-hungry, curious, open mind woman, I tried to break up these power structures and was active in the environmental movement.

With the deep understanding, to preserve natural wealth and take responsibility for it, I was studying environmental technology. I wanted to be a Minister of the Environment. However, the border opening in November 1989 changed all that. For the "Green Party" I was sitting at the Round Table in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

The planned construction of a dolphinarium in a public park, which we successfully prevented, and an environmental scholarship to North America in the early 90s, gave my life again a positive turn. I met many dedicated environmental and dolphin activists. But it was one encounter with wild dolphins south of the Florida Keys, somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico, which influenced my life untill today.

To see wild Dolphins face to face, put me first in deep reverence, but shortly thereafter into absolute euphoria. I traveled to beautiful places, met inspiring people with extraordinary visions and discovered the bizarre beauty of the oceans, but also the increasing destruction of marine biodiversity. Since then I initiate conservation projects, events and promotions.

After the new millennium my wonderful son jonay was born, and I discovered the medium of film for my volunteer work. My first film project shows the whales and dolphins off La Gomera and recieved an environmental award. I went to film festivals around the world, film seminars and finally i dove deeper into the fascinating world of cinema and film production. After seven years as executive referent for communications i made a very courageous decision. Since summer 2011, I am an independent filmmaker and green communication-consultant.

My great passion for the sea, to the film and the enormous desire to pristine wilderness leads me again and again since mid-2000 to California and Hawaii.