2. October 2012

I spent one week at the BLUEOCEANFILMFESTIVAL in Monterey/CA. One week full of talks, pane ls, screenings and workshops on ocean conservation. Great meetings happend with ocean experts, filmmakers, storytellers, writers and ocean ambassadors.

I pitched my cine-filmproject: 'DEEP MYSTERY-the untold story of the blue whale' to the head of natgeotv and natgeochannel. Well done! It was a big step for me beeing at this time at this place. See my favorite moments with Charlotte Vick/SEALLIANCE, Greg and ShaunMacGillivray/ONEWORLDONEOCEAN, Kelly Simon/PACIFIC VOYAGER, Dr.Sylvia Earle/MISSION BLUE and Celine and Fabien Cousteau/OCEAN FUTURES SOCIETY.

If you would like to know more about the winner films, pannels and speakers, than you can go to: The Festival will go on tour to different countries, watch out if they may stop in your area. The next great will oceanfilmfestival will be in marseille end of october. 

Care about the ocean mean we care about us! Its important to act, know that we know the solutions!