12. October 2012

I had to leave the pacific ocean, the wilderness of California,  my beloved topanga canyon and much more important my friends in california and arrived safe in Germany.  My wonderful family welcomed me with much love, escpecially my sun jonay is happy I'm back.  My to do and wish list after the BLUEOCEANFILMFESTIVAL  is long, but i belive in miracles....so I'll dive deeper into my work for "DEEP MYSTERY-the untold story of the blue whale".

Nachdem ich Monterey verlassen hatte, machte ich Halt in ESALEN zum Austamen, in CAYOCON Beach zum Einatmen und sah eine große Gruppe surfender Delphine in der Welle nur wenige Meter von mir...dann weite Landschaften at RETURN TO FREEDOM-wildhorse sanctuary of my friend neda. She is amazing, check her page under links! My first BLUECHILD-Meeting in Topanga mit Stefanie Brendl/SHARKALLIES, eindrucksvolle Frau-see page under links. I had time to rest in hot dusty wilderness of topanga with friends, sleeping like above the clouds, discovered Huntington parc and had much fun with my girlfirend sufi in LAX and swam in the calm ocean this days..still have the salt on my skin. It was very inspiring to meet the oceantribecommunity...watch out for upcoming news and care about the ocean.