One day with YUNUS in Berlin

25. April 2013

One day in a lifetime moments!Prof. Muhammad YUNUS had just recieved the highest US Civilian Award in Washington DC  to honor his Life Achievment in the cause of alleviating poverty in Bangladesh and globally. He visited Wiesbaden and talked about Social Business and he spent one day in Berlin. Around noon he signed the Goldene Buch at the Rote Rathaus and talked with the Bürgermeister Wowereit. Later on Carola Ferstl, n-tv jounalist, finance and businessexpert and Young Global Leader, had one hour for an outdoor interview in front of the Reichstag about his dream to redesign the world!. My job: her assistant and executive producer

Prof. M. Yunus foundes 30 years ago the Grameen banc and became well known for his microcreditsystem. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 and focuses know on Building Social  business. He speakes to many people around the world and also had a talk at the European Social Business Forum In Wiesbaden, organized be The Grameen Creative Lab/Hans Reitz. He belives in the power of young people and supports edcuation for childrens. Read his books and go to: www. will carry his wonderful smile with me for ever.