Jugendvision Award 2014 für HUNGRY ROBOT

4. March 2015

WINNER Kreativer Filmwettbewerb Jugendvision Potsdam: Youth age 13 -16 Years is our shortfilm: HUNGRY Robot - produced sustainable in BABELSBERG in 2014 during my workshop 'How to tell a wild story and produce your film sustainable'. We are very happy about this honor.

THX to FÖN/Ökofilmtour, bfg, climatepartner, kristin, thomas and the wonderful kids-we had 3 great days to find a green story, to shoot, cut and premiere same weekend.

CREATIV STORY FILM AWARD 2014: Our Earth, our Home, our Future

JURY: talking about saving energy and that we should care about the waste we produce is told in a funny way  wiht this shortfilm. Idea, shoot and postproduction just in 3 days -amazing and even more its important that this film was produce along green guidlines. 

Watch our Shortfilm about a hungry robot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTysXf3c3-g