9. November 2015


Debbie Kinder CEO BLUE and Prince Albert/ Leadership Award

OCEAN ICON Dr. Sylvia Earle on my side after the Interview..Always have my littel Bue Whale with me..on my DeepMystery Mission.

I was lucky to be able to join the oceanfilmmakers in Monaco at BLUE Oceaenfilmfestival - thank you ELA to be my sponsor! Panels, films, networking, ocean, dancing and the intervivew with Dr.Sylvia Earle. Location: Oceanografic Musee!!! More:

SAVE THE DATE: End of january 2016 in Berlin, Cinemaxx Potsdamer Platz. GreenMe Filmfestival OCEAN-WATER-LIFE.

I'm honored to be the chair for BESTOCEANFILM at GreenMe and will lead and organize a BestPracticePanel in cooperation with medienboard berlinbrandenburg about environmental filmmaking. i did invite the experts of germany! More: